The Mason Jar

About The Mason Jar Project

Or, building a better bloody mary.

It started out pretty small. Keith's initial goal was to nail down the best bloody mary he possibly could. He set out trying all sorts of different ideas, as well as tasting bloody marys everywhere he went. Eventually this became not only sourcing and experimenting with the all kinds of interesting ingredients and recipes, but actually making infusions, mixes and garnishes from scratch.

He needed a place to store all the notes, tips and recipes he'd accumulated. Git, with its versioning and workflow, seemed like a perfect choice. Wasn't too long before he began to chat about it with Chad (who, as anyone who knows him well can attest, is always working on his Sazerac) and got him on board. One thing became another and soon The Mason Jar Project was born.

The goal here? To provide a place to share the best home-crafted cocktails and recipes. We're just getting started, and hope to see this grow into a fun community project. Feel free to get in touch if you want to help out.

Or, for the more adventurous, if you want to find the main repo, look here. More info coming soon on how to contribute.


D. Keith Robinson & Chad Seeger